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PT. Madu Lingga Perkasa is the first Indonesian manufacturer established in 1975 producing high quality of bleaching earths as its main product. Various test and experiments have been done to accomplish its quality.

Located in industrial area of Driyorejo Gresik, East Java, PT. Madu Lingga Perkasa manages to fulfil local and overseas needs by exploiting Indonesian natural resources, especially montmorillonite raw material.

Since April 21, 2010 PT Madu Lingga Perkasa has in cooperation with Taiko Clay-Malaysia to form Strategic Alliance/ partnership throught " PT Madu Lingga Raharja " .
Consistency of product quality ( full range of quality grade) and Optimization Services to customers is the aim of the strategic alliance/ partnership.

Bleaching Earths have been used for refining of vegetables and animal oils and fats as well as for the decolorization of mineral oil.
- Refinery of vegetables and animal oils and fats for decoloring of mineral oils.
- Lubricants oils and waste Lubricants Oils
- Rifining kerosene
- Paraffins and waxes
- Mixed Fertilizer

Bentonite is used to increase viscosity and reduce fluid loss for freshwater drilling fluid systems.
- Drilling Mud ( American Petroleum Institute Specification 13 A Section 4)
- Construction ( filter-cake building)
- Foundry ( moulding processing)

Please do not hesitate to Contact me on :
Arie Cahyana SE
Marketing Manager
PT Madu Lingga Perkasa
As A Distibutor Of PT Madu Lingga Raharja
Group Of Taiko Clay - Malaysia
Cell Phone : + 62 818 0818 3511
Yahoo Messenger : arie_cahyanas@ yahoo.com
Email : madulingga@ link.net.id
Website : http: / / www.mlpjkt.multiply.com/
http: / / clay.taikogroup.net/ news.php
Office Phone : + 62 21 573 3456
Office Fax : + 62 21 570 0112
Representative Office Address : Jl. Pejompongan III No. 10 Jakarta 10210

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